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Garden Stools

Widely popular, our garden stool collection consists of pretty and colorful ceramic stools that can work as extra seating, side tables or outdoor accessories.

Made with ceramic and hand-glazed, the garden stools are very durable and easy to clean.

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Celadon Bamboo Garden Stool
Celadon Bamboo Garden Stool Our Price: $290.40
White Drum Garden Stool
White Drum Garden Stool Our Price: $230.00
Zig Zag Garden Stool
Zig Zag Garden Stool Our Price: $255.00
Double Fortune Garden Stool
Double Fortune Garden Stool Our Price: $215.00
Fluted Garden Stool-Gray
Fluted Garden Stool-Gray Our Price: $415.00
Orion Garden Stool-Gunmetal
Orion Garden Stool-Gunmetal Our Price: $447.50
Fortune Garden Stool-Blue
Fortune Garden Stool-Blue Our Price: $325.00
Square Garden Stool in Blue
Square Garden Stool in Blue Our Price: $375.00
Drum Garden Stool in Blue
Drum Garden Stool in Blue Our Price: $230.00
Zip Garden Stool-Gold
Zip Garden Stool-Gold Our Price: $322.50
Wave Garden Stool-White
Wave Garden Stool-White Our Price: $312.50
Garden Stool - Oxblood Red
Garden Stool - Oxblood Red Our Price: $202.50
Circle Motif Garden Stool
Circle Motif Garden Stool Our Price: $225.00
Glaze Garden Stool-Moss
Glaze Garden Stool-Moss Our Price: $305.00
Weave Garden Stool
Weave Garden Stool Our Price: $165.00 - $195.00
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